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In March 2022, I was lucky and proud to have been selected to represent my beloved home country Kenya, in the Children General Assembly 2022, as one of the 80 children from across the globe to participate in the programme for 2022.  It was a golden opportunity for me, and I looked forward to what was in store. 80 children aging from 10 to 17 years from all around the world representing 42 countries were selected to represent the voice of the 2.2 billion children from all over the world whose voices are not heard.

We were divided up into different groups – approximately 8-10 children in each of the 8 groups. 

I was privileged to be a participant of group G. The theme for group G was Sharing the planet and where we are in place and time.

Group G was a wonderful group under the stewardship of our facilitator, Madam Camilla Sofie Torsten Sørensen.

We attended digital workshops every fortnight between March and June 2022.  The workshops were fun and very educative. We collaborated and discussed global issues and challenges that each group felt was important to them and we discussed possible solutions.  At CGA, children are taught to be creative world citizens.  Children are encouraged to come up with creative solutions never seen before to global issues.  It is during these workshops that I learnt about global warming and climate change, a topic that I have become very passionate about.  I became keener on the subject and started doing more research on it.

In May of the same year, I received an invitation from the Capital of Children to attend the Children General Assembly, September Summit.

The Summit was a 3-day event, held in Billund (the Capital of Children) in Denmark.  58 children, representing our respective countries, came together to co-create our call to action. We learnt, we played, we had fun and we made new friends. The Childrens’ General Assembly Manifesto was presented at an official ceremony at the September Summit in Billund, Denmark, on 15th September 2022. In the audience were our parents, our facilitators, our sponsors, representatives from Billund City Council and many Ambassadors who had taken time from their busy schedules to represent their respective counties. There were several panel discussions too. I hope to be a panellist in future.   The feeling was electric. There was a celebration after party which marked the climax of the Summit.

While at the CGA, we learnt many other things like safe space learning and playful learning. Human beings should be allowed to be creative.

We also visited local schools like Billund International School and Drive Motivated Learning school.  Drive school is a school for children with different special needs which uses motivation as a driving force.

With the Mayor of Billund Stephanie Storbank (15-09-2022) Photo credit: S. Svebakk-Bøhn

With H. E. Ambassador Fikile Sylvia Magubane of the Republic of South Africa (15-09-2022) Photo credit: S. Svebakk-Bøhn

With the CEO of Capital of Children, …………………

With my wonderful facilitator, Madam Camila

With my friend Ines

With my friend and mentor, Hesara

Flying high my flag. Kenya my beloved motherland

Proudly Kenyan. Anytime, anywhere

Later in 2022, I applied to participate in the Africa Children Summit, and I was selected to be among the few children who were lucky to sit in the organizing committee and later selected to attend the Summit that was held between 10th and 12th April 2023.

I Learnt to use my voice and for six months we dedicated our time to plan and coordinate the event. We had intense digital discussions and collaboration; we picked our guest list who included policy and decision makers in the United Nations.  The Summit was a children led and organised one, with the support of many grownups and organizations like  Save the Children Kenya,  World Vision Kenya,  Nelson Mandela Childrens Fund,  Plan International Kenya,  African Committee of Experts on the Rights and Welfare of the Child,  Terre des hommes,  Children’s Voice Today,  Arigatou International,  SOS Children’s Villages Kenya,  Miss Koch Kenya,  Kenya Airways,  Play Africa and GIZ. The Summit was powered by Mtoto News and Wish Hub. This Summit was the first of its kind organised by Mtoto News.  It was held in Kenya but represented the voice of children from the whole of the African Continent.

So many children in one auditorium, the feeling was ecstatic.

On the first day of the Summit, we collaborated and came up with recommendations on our group’s assigned topic of Education – Factors influencing access to quality education, how inclusive is education and the relationship between security and education. 

On the second day we collaborated and came up with recommendations on our group’s assigned topic of climate change and its effects on children’s rights to food, security and health, climate change and environmental issues and increase in violence against children and the impact of media and technology to tackle climate change and environmental rights violations.

On the third day, together, we consolidated our calls-to-action and made our presentation and statement as children. We presented our statement paper to the United Nations representatives present at the Summit, who were also the chief guests.

I had the opportunity to meet one on one with the chief guests at the Summit, Dr Najat Maala M’Jid who is the UN Special Representative of the Secretary General on Violence Against Children and Prof Phillip D Jaffe the Vice Chair UN Committee on the Rights of the Child. 

I also met other invited guests at the summit, Honourable Aboubekrie El Jera and Honourable Allasane Moullaye Sidikou both members of African Committee of Experts on the Rights and Welfare of the Child.

I also met Ms Jennifer Kaberi, the CEO of Mtoto News Kenya, the main host of the event and did an interview with her.  I was able to give my input on how to better future programs organised by Mtoto News. From my experience at CGA, I was asked to give suggestions which I was happy and proud to give.

I also did some interviews with journalists.

Currently, I am a lucky to be participating in the CGA 2023 as a delegate from my beloved motherland, Kenya.

I am a participant of Group F under the stewardship of my wonderful facilitators, Ambra Molinari and Amanda John.

Our Group FTheme is Who we are and how we express ourselves.

The digital workshops are now complete and we have so far attended one safeguarding meeting and three workshops already.

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