A budding creative world citizen, propelled to push for democracy and kindness

In March 2022, I was lucky and proud to have been selected to represent my beloved home country Kenya, in the Children General Assembly 2022, as one of the 80 children from across the globe to participate in the programme for 2022.  It was a golden opportunity for me, and I looked forward to what was in store. 80 children aging from 10 to 17 years from all around the world representing 42 countries were selected to represent the voice of the 2.2 billion children from all over the world whose voices are not heard.

We were divided up into different groups – approximately 8-10 children in each of the 8 groups. 

I was privileged to be a participant of group G. The theme for group G was Sharing the planet and where we are in place and time.

Group G was a wonderful group under the stewardship of our facilitator, Madam Camilla Sofie Torsten Sørensen.

We attended digital workshops every fortnight between March and June 2022.  The workshops were fun and very educative. We collaborated and discussed global issues and challenges that each group felt was important to them and we discussed possible solutions.  At CGA, children are taught to be creative world citizens.  Children are encouraged to come up with creative solutions never seen before to global issues.  It is during these workshops that I learnt about global warming and climate change, a topic that I have become very passionate about.  I became keener on the subject and started doing more research on it.

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